Rock-City-Children-Logo-1Rock City Children’s Ministry

Rock City Children’s Ministry serves children from infants to 6th grade each service!

Directors Kelli and Craig Sturgell

Kids at The ROCK

Life affords no greater responsibility, no greater privilege than raising the next generation! The foundation of our faith is laid best in childhood. We are committed to imparting the commandments of God and the principles of the Kingdom through different avenues that children can easily grasp.

Our loving, dedicated, trained staff of volunteers utilizes hands-on activities, music, story-telling, dramatic play, games, and much more to promote the understanding of Biblical principles and help children discover God’s love and direction for their lives.

The scripture says, “Train up your child in the way he should go and when he gets old, he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6) We hope to provide the foundation that encourages and empowers your child to sustain a walk with God with boldness and obedience to the Holy Spirit. We are committed to teaching your child sound doctrine while they are cared for with love, by responsible individuals whose backgrounds have been checked and who value the ministry of working with children.

Mom’s Room/Nursery (Infants – 24 months)

Our nursery is located directly behind the sanctuary. Knowing that some parents prefer to attend to the needs of their child, our nursery is equipped with speakers, a viewing window, and an area designated for nursing mothers to allow moms to stay with their child while they continue to enjoy the service. Staff members are available to assist you and are specially trained to care for your child if you desire to enjoy the service from the sanctuary.

We aim to provide a loving, Godly environment for your little ones as their needs are met and they are showered with TLC. It is our goal to make sure that you, as a parent, feel comfortable using our nursery facility and are blessed throughout your experience at The Rock.

Tot Rocks Room (Ages 2-3)

Our toddler room provides an exciting atmosphere of Godly learning, focused on sharing God’s word to lay a spiritual foundation in the love of our Lord. Toddlers are taught important Bible lessons and principles through age-appropriate materials and activities. Your child will enjoy singing and dancing, stories, crafts, games, and much more as they learn to share, laugh, respect, and love each other.

Children’s Ministry

Wee Rock Room (Ages 4-7) / Kidz Rock Room (Ages 8-12)

The Bible says, “Faith comes by hearing and hearing comes by the Word of God.” (Romans 10:17). Our Word-based Children’s Ministry focuses on developing a desire for the things of God, and equips children with the tools to apply the Word of God to their everyday lives. Your child will enjoy a stimulating, age-appropriate curriculum that incorporates hands-on activities, games, crafts, stories, drama, and much more! Our goal is for your child to become rooted and grounded in Christ through studies of Biblical events and people, prayer, praise and worship, and fellowship together.

Special Needs Ministry

Psalm 127:3 says that, “children are a gift from the Lord.” Children are VERY special at The Rock and we strive to celebrate their individual strengths, weaknesses, and abilities, and provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere to families and children. If your child has special needs, please let our staff at the Connection Center know and we will see to it that your child’s needs are met to the best of our ability. It is our goal to make sure that you, as a parent, are able to worship in the service knowing that your child is individually cared for with love.