God Is Always Good, BUT, Good Isn’t Always God!

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god-is-pure-goodBy Kelita Deems

I’ve heard it said that “Good is the enemy of Great”. And that may be true in the sense of people often settle for good, when they could be great. However, today, I am saying that “Good, is the enemy of God. I don’t know about you, but I have been troubled of late concerning the rise of humanism and human reasoning. You see it all around….. what was once condemned as evil, is now celebrated. This should be sounding an alarm in every true follower of Jesus Christ! Now, I am sure you realize, this is not an easy topic, and because of that, I pray that the blinders would be removed from every reader who reads this in Jesus’ Name and that they eyes of your heart be flooded with light according to Ephesians 1:18

The enemy of our souls knows nothing new. The first thing he did, as a serpent trying to deceive Adam and Eve, was to discredit the word of God. Genesis 3:1 “Did God say you must not eat from any tree”….. notice he already is mixing truth with lies. He knew it wasonly the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, that they were instructed to abstain from.

In the beginning, God was enough. He had to be or He wouldn’t be God. God was life! He was everything necessary to live happy and healthy and in abundance. Then, why put that tree in there? Good question. I believe it is because God wanted us to choose Him, not to be mere robots without a will or choice. He made it so easy! The garden watered itself, the sun came up and set automatically, flowers and vegetation bloomed without cultivation, and He came and walked with them daily. It was paradise like man has not known since. One tree, mind you, ONE tree, out of all the fruits, and vegetables in the entire garden, (and think of how many there must have been), yet, only one tree was off limits.

How did the evil one get them to go against the command of God? By appealing to their human reasoning. In Genesis 3, Satan says – “You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman. “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” …..hmmmmm – Maybe Eve thought – ‘oh, so there is more to know? I will be like God? Why would He keep good from me? What is evil anyway?’

The Bible says, when she saw the fruit was pleasing to the eye, and desirable for gaining wisdom, she ate of the fruit and her eyes were opened. And we know that Adam ate too, and well, you can read the rest. BUT – that is the beginning of secular human reasoning exalting itself above the knowledge of God.

James 1:17 states that “Every good and perfect gift comes from the Father above.”

Before there was good, there was God. And God was enough. We often forget that the price for knowing good outside of God wasknowing evil too. In other words, you cannot have good without evil, because good can be perverted and misaligned if it is taken outside of God’s principles. But God, Jehovah, the Almighty One, Creator of heaven and earth – He IS good and without evil. He cannot be misaligned, nor perverted in any way. Psalm 92:15″The LORD is upright; he is my Rock, and there is no wickedness in him.”

See, God is always good, but good isn’t always God. We see it every day in the world we live in. People can’t bring their human mind to acknowledge the penalties of sin, so they water down the penalties, or even do away with them, in order to justify the sin. Like the parent who can’t bring themselves to discipline their child because they don’t want to deny them anything or correct them, only to raise a spoiled brat who takes no responsibility for their actions, and refuses to obey rules/laws. Our prisons are full of people who were raised with no accountability factor in their lives. As a parent, it was never pleasant to discipline my children, but it was necessary! In order for them to know right from wrong,and that there were consequences for breaking rules in life, there had to be consequences for their actions, even as a child.

Here is the bottom line: We do not get to choose who God is. We do not get to choose which scriptures we obey and which ones we don’t, IF we want to live according to His Kingdom plansand have eternal life. And, while we may not like every statute and requirement of the Word of God, we do not have to like it to live itwe simply must be obedient. We didn’t write the rules, so we do not have the right nor the ability to change them. Regardless of what society says or what laws congress passes, the Word of God MUST be the final authority in our lives.

Sure! I would have written things differently! Sure! I don’t like every command in the word. Who does? However, if I, or you, would have written things, then they would not be perfect. Our heavenly Father is the only perfect one. And the evil one has spent thousands of years, manipulating and perverting human reasoning in order for people to simply throw out whole chapters and concepts to avoid punishment. He speaks to us as he did to Eve…..Did God really say…….surely He doesn’t mean that……God is love, He loves everyone…..a loving God wouldn’t send his creation to hell……etc., perverting the scriptures and taking them out of context in order to justify the sin. Make no mistake, God has not thrown any scripture out, and when we die, we will be judged according to His Word. Period. (and, yes, I realize there are arguments out there that the Bible did not stay true to form, and man did this and that….…to that I say, do your research. People are so quick to want a loophole, that they are believing delusional lies.

Side note: It always amazes me that the same people who read books written by men on why the Bible is wrong, won’t read books written by men who can prove, through history and science even that the Bible IS true. If you are honestly looking for truth, what do you have to fear? Some good resources are: The Signature of God by Grant Jeffrey and The Archko Volume – Mahan.

Jesus will give you peace and is peace, but He did not come to bring peace. He brings division. (Matt. 10:34-39) Oh, He is the savior of the world, and died for all of us so that we can escape eternal damnation, but, let a Christian not agree on the subject of homosexuality, or abortion, for example, and all of a sudden, you will see there is division. A “good” society has taken the word murder and changed it to choice. A “good” society has taken the scriptures of “let not a man lie with a man as with a woman, for it is an abomination to the Lord”, and ignored it to the very point of ordaining those who do. The Bible is not gray. The Bible is very clear. Humans muddy it up. God is not confused, nor does He change His mind or His ways.

Jesus loved and loves all people. He died for every person, while they were sinners. He loves the homosexual, the abortionist, the thief, murderer and adulterer. Jesus loves sinners! He loves them enough to break the chains of deception off of them and lovingly bring them to the fullness of a life in Him. Sadly, most people want to love Him, but not obey Him. That’s where perverted mercy comes in. Many people have what humans would call a “good heart’, but break Biblical principles, and perverted mercy steps in and says, “they are ok, they love God.” But, I am here to say that a good heart is not good enough …..we must have a God heart. God is good, but good isn’t always God and in order to live righteous and escape eternal death, we must comply with His way. We do not get to pick and choose. It must be His rules, His way, no compromise. Jesus loves us enough to die for us while we are in sin, loves us enough to walk with us out of that sinful life, and into His ways of being and doing. His ways are perfect! He is good! He is God! He is love!

We need to ask the Lord to reveal to us any place that “good” has replaced “God” in our lives.

Will you pray with me? Father, first, we thank You that You are a good, good Father and perfect in all Your ways. Please reveal to us any area of our lives and any area of our thinking where good has replaced God. Reveal it to us, no matter how hard it might be to accept, and give us the courage to submit to Your ways and make the changes we need. Renew our minds according to Your word. Forgive us for our humanistic thinking and getting caught up in good. We don’t want good, we want God. In Jesus’ Name. AMEN!

Kelita Deems

This article was written by Kelita Deems