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Frequent requests have been pouring into this ministry to have Dr. Brian and Pastor Karen come minister all over the world. Dr. Brian’s ministry has been marked by incredible miracles and the gift of healing. Please see our testimony page to read about just some of the amazing things Jesus has been doing through this ministry. Please click one of the following links below to see the booking policy for either Dr. Brian or Pastor Karen:

  1. Dr. Brian’s Booking Policy
  2. Pastor Karen’s Booking Policy

We have provided an easy method below for any ministry that is seeking a miraculous touch from God to request either Dr. Brian or Pastor Karen to come minister in their church, conference, and/or outreach.

To view the current ministry itinerary for Dr. Brian or Pastor Karen, click here.

Booking Request Form

Please fill out the form below in it's entirety. We will get back in touch with you soon.
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