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By Charlie Rowan

We have all heard of the age of accountability. But what does that mean to us? I never really thought of it till one day, when the Lord was talking to me about being accountable for things in my life; how being accountable for things allows healing, and not being accountable allows dysfunction to grow. See, if you always make others accountable, but not yourself, you create deep blind spots in your heart, mind and soul. The same goes for a person that only allows themselves to be surrounded with people just like themselves. They allow themselves to be deceived, and invite deception into their life. If you only allow non-confrontational people in your life, you will not allow true love. People who won’t confront you, don’t really love you; they just use you. You will eventually find yourself blaming everyone else for your failed relationships and your dysfunction. Then before you know it, you will be blaming God for your situation, when in actuality, you are the one who blocked Him out of your life in the first place. (By not wanting to be held accountable.)

People that understand accountability is a beautiful blessing from God, embrace it and do not run from it. And although no one can determine who their parents are, the generational blessings they receive, or the generational curses that are in their family tree, they can, once they reach the age of accountability, get free from anything that tries to keep them bound. They simply have to allow the Lord to start judging them. (Proverbs 3:12) He does this through His Word, by the Spirit, and through other accountable Christians in our lives.

You see, to be accountable means you are at an age (an awareness) whereby God can start judging you. Or, should I say, at an age where God can really start loving you. God is always trying to judge us into a deeper place of righteousness, not condemn us. Jesus shed His blood to pull us out of condemnation, and (Romans 8:1) into a right standing with God through Christ. This gives us the ability to stand before the Lord so He can look us over – inside and out. It’s only when we submit to Him in accountability that He can point out the places that we are missing the mark. Being accountable, is a position that allows something to be measured. If you are never measured, you are never loved. Putting yourself in line to be measured, causes a sign to hang over you that has LOVE written in bold letters.

It amazes me the lengths that the enemy will go to cause wounds in us through abuse, or anything else he has in his arsenal, so that we have the wrong definition of the Love of God or a confused understanding of being accountable. He will always try to keep us from the redeeming love of our Father. When we look through the lens of a wounded heart with wrong definitions, our sight is so blurry, that we end up running from the very thing that can heal us. But, the Lord, in Luke 4:18, shows us the intention of His heart: to set the captive free and restore the sight to the blind. So lay before Him, and surround yourself in Him, and around people that bear the fruit of His nature, and allow yourself to be healed and Loved.

Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem! How I have longed to gather you under my wings as a mother hen gathers her chicks but you would have none of it. Draw near to me and I will draw near to you. Hebrews 12:6

Charlie Rowan

This article was written by Charlie Rowan